Grandparent’s Day Surcies

September 8, 2016

Grandparents Day is this coming Sunday. It’s not a highly advertised holiday but definitely a day to be celebrated. I hope your littles have wonderful grandparents in their lives. Whether they live near or far why not put together a little surcie to show your little’s grandparents how loved they are? Our crew adore their Lollie and Grandpa. My ball capped sweetheart and I know full well we would be l-o-s-t without them. This is what we’re making this year:

We did hand prints of each of our kids and used the fingers of the hand prints to count the ways and reasons we love them. However, I can’t reveal our finished product on the off chance Lollie might see this 🙂

Also, as a side note: getting the handprint of your 10 week old isn’t so easy. This was a two parent job! 🙂

Maybe you’re interested in doing something different? Here are few other cute ideas I found on Pinterest. It’s not too late. Create your surcie today and drop it in the mail for it to get there in time! 

I love you this much hands


I think you’re dandy

Happy Grandparents Day! 

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