Ten Red Apples: Play-doh Apple Tree

September 9, 2016

This was our favorite activity this week. Does it get any better than learning with Play-doh?! If you ask my 3 year old it most definitely does not! 🙂 This morning as we reread our story Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchinson we pulled out the Play-doh and got to work reading and playing…um, I mean, learning- it was hard to tell the difference! 🙂

I made our Play-doh play mat using a clear plastic pocket from the Target dollar spot but I was thinking a sheet protector would work just as well. I printed out a clip art of a simple tree and colored it in and then placed it inside the plastic pocket. You could easily do the same.

To begin MJ rolled out 10 Play-doh apples and placed them on her tree. As we read the story we would count the number of apples on her tree touching each one as she counted. Then, she would remove one apple at a time to make her tree correspond with the one in the story. The counting gets repetitive but the predictable text and animal sounds in the story help keep things fun.

After all the apples were gone from the tree and we finished the story she asked right away if we could do it again! It was clear this activity was a hit and I loved all the counting practice she got! 

The skills we practiced today were: concepts of print, literacy, numeracy, one-to-one correspondence, small motor

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