Corduroy: Sorting Bears

September 12, 2016

Happy Monday! It’s the beginning of a new week and a new letter! This week we’re learning all about the letter B with the help of everyone’s favorite bear, Corduroy! Monday’s are our recalibration days. Weekends usually hold very little structure and it takes a day to get everyone back into routine. Our Monday activities will usually be the most simple while maintaining  good educational value. 

This morning we grabbed our IKEA bowls and a set of counting bears. The goal of this activity is to practice sorting and classification skills. Counting bears come in a variety of sizes in addition to colors. MJ started by lining up the bears and identifying the big, medium, and small bears. 

Then she quickly sorted them by color. Just for fun I gave her a handful of gummies to sort out as well. We ate a few and saved the rest for after nap time. 🙂 

A lot of the activities I do with MJ are done while Bug takes her morning nap. Sometimes I hold off on the activities for when she’s awake to do them with us. Playing with counting bears was equally as fun for Bug. She wasn’t sorting like her big sister but she had just as much fun dumping out her bowl and putting the bears back in. It’s great small motor skill practice for her too! 

Skills we practiced today are: classification, sorting, matching, comparing, and small motor

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