DIY: Tactile Letter Cards

September 13, 2016

Getting as many senses involved in learning will always help our little learners. Today I’m sharing tactile letter cards I made with a great back-to-school clearance find from the Target Dollar Spot. These super fun felt letters were just $0.30. How could I resist?! They had adhesive already attached to the back so all I had to do was stick them to 3×5 index cards and voila! Tactile alphabet cards!

MJ loved using them to identify letters and then tracing our letter of the week with her finger. This is a great activity to get those senses involved! If you can’t find the letters at Target you could always cut out your own set from felt at a craft store too! I put up a printable on my resource page to help you cutting them out. All you’ll need to do is print the letters, use spray adhesive and stick the paper to your felt, cut out the letters, and then hot glue the felt to 3×5. It’s a few more steps than I did but you wont be disappointed with the outcome! The possibilities are endless as our littles develop both their alphabetic and phonemic awareness! 

A little science behind the learning:  Tactile play is so important for early learners. This is how they’ve done a good part of their learning up to this point. What starts out on one side of the brain develops and moves to the other side to develop into higher thinking skills (critical thinking/problem solving.) Daily, we’re creating the building blocks of our little’s education with sensory involved learning and play. Why not create this simple and fun letter cards today!? 

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