That One Thing

September 15, 2016

It’s that one thing that’s getting in the way or that one thing we can’t find. Maybe it’s that one thing you forgot to do or the one thing that had to crash down in the middle of nap time. It happens to us all the time. We try to have it all together but no matter what there is always that one thing. Please tell me I’m not the only one who goes in and out of the house three times every time I try to leave because I’ve forgotten that one thing I needed. It’s frustrating isn’t it? Mamas, who like me, find themselves unraveled over these things, I am writing to encourage you today. You are not alone.

When you feel like you’re loosing your mind because you know you set those keys down right there and now they’re gone- be encouraged there is a whole card-carrying membership of mamas who are simultaneously searching for their car keys too. (Pro Tip: Look for your keys in places you would never put them. Think silverware drawer, trash can, the half bath.) Just yesterday I locked us out of the house not once but twice when I forgot the garage door opener. (wahhh!) 

We’re sleep deprived. We’re thinking about approximately 948 things at any given moment and as you’re reading this one of your littles is either fussing, about to fuss, or just finished fussing. It’s a wonderful and exhausting never-ending cycle. 

The best way to combat the unraveling is to take deep breaths and to find the humor. Smile. Do it. Just smile the next time you’re walking out the door and discover you can only find  one  of the baby’s shoes. We were made for this crazy life. We’d never trade it for a second. If we’re always struggling to find/fix/remember that one thing it means we’re probably doing something right. Caring for tiny needy humans, some of us multiple of them, is no small task. Anticipate that there will be that one thing to throw you off and then, smile when it comes along. Maybe it’s the control freak in me but there is just something so cathartic about when something pops up and I can think to myself, “I knew this would happen.” Talk to Jesus about your frustrations- even out loud. He’s God but He cares about the intimate details of our lives. Pray out loud and tell Him where you’re at in a struggle. You may be surprised to see just how powerful praying out loud can be not only for your heart for the little pairs of eyes following you, “helping” you. 

I hope today has been a smooth- filled with lots of treats, long naps, potty training victories, and easy to locate car keys- kind of day! And in case it’s not, please, know you are not alone. I’m right there with you. I have a mountain of brightly colored, plastic IKEA dishes waiting on me, don’t ask how long the laundry has been sitting in the wash machine, and I can’t find the coffee I reheated 17 times already! Just living’ the dream here today! 🙂 


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