Corduroy: Connecting Buttons

September 16, 2016

We have had the most fun reading Corduroy and playing with buttons this week! Thanks for following along! We hope you’ve enjoyed it too! I put up a fun printable on my resource page for you to use as we finish off the week. Be sure to check it out or scroll down to find the download on this post! 

Last night I paired up a couple and glued them to a sheet of paper in preparation for this morning’s activity. This was a quick one but it was great practice drawing connecting lines and hand-eye coordination. 

Before we started she touched each button identifying it’s color. Then, I drew the first line demonstrating what she was going to do.

It took a little convincing but we practiced good pencil grip using the crayon too! 🙂 

Activities like this one are great because they help me see her development in hand-eye coordination and combination small/larger motor skill moving her entire arm along the page as her hand holds the crayon to mark. Developmentally she did great. To provide a little extra practice for improvement I created a simple tracing printable. I put it up on my resource page or you can download it here. Happy Tracing! 

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