Fall Fun: Name Recognition Leaves

September 19, 2016

The forecast for this week looks way too warm for it to feel like Fall but the calendar says on Thursday the seasons change. So, we’re changing it up a bit this week and swaying from our alphabet theme to do something special. This week we will do fun Fall themed activities practicing things like counting, graphing, letter/name recognition, etc. 

Today we’re working on a very basic preschool skill, name recognition and spelling. MJ already recognizes her name when she sees it so we’re working towards a goal of being able to spell it and then eventually write it by the end of our school year. I used one of my favorite tools (silhouette cameo) to create these fun yellow “Fall” leaves and wrote the letters of her name on them. You don’t necessarily need a Silhouette to cut out leaves though, you can find leaf shapes at the dollar store or print them and cut them out from the computer. 🙂 

I wrote her name out on a sentence strip for her to see. I asked her what the word was and she replied, “Macie Jane!” Then, we touched and named each letter in her name. Next, in a puzzle like fashion I had her use the leaves to build her name putting the letters in correct order. 

She lined them up and loved feeling so big getting to use the glue stick to glue them down on construction paper.

It turned out pretty cute and I think she had fun. When we were done she asked if she could glue more things. 🙂 

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