30 Days for Home

September 20, 2016

As I adjust to being a mama to 3 three and under I’m learning to let go of things and trying really hard to be more laid back, but there are things that just can’t be neglected. I run laundry, vacuum, do dishes, etc. daily. However,  as I stood in the kitchen this morning noticing the dust, finger prints, and watermarks on our kitchen cabinets I felt overwhelmed thinking how many areas of our home are getting neglected. Being realistic I can’t go scrub all our baseboards, wash the kitchen cabinets, organize the hall closet…..   but I needed a plan to get things under a little more control. So here it is: 30 days for our Home. 

I made a list of 30 areas that need a little attention in our home. Each area shouldn’t need more than 15 minutes at most. Some may need less than that. With 3 three and under a 15 minute cleaning project is something I can realistically do. I have no expectations of our house being sparkling but I will have peace of mind that each area will have had some attention at some point each month. I’ve seen bunches of lists like this online and tried them before, however, the problem with them is that it wasn’t personalized. The areas important to those writers weren’t necessarily the same for me or our home. The idea behind this list is that it’s completely open for you to determine for your home and your priorities. I’ve been working on my list for a few days and as you can see I still haven’t finished. I’m taking time to think through what areas need attention and trying to notice small places I could tune into if I purposed to make a little time for it. The other great thing about this list is that these aren’t must-do projects. If something happens one day and we get too busy it’s not a big deal if I don’t get to that project. My baseboards and ironing will be fine if I don’t get to it. Giving grace around here is what I’m all about. My ball-capped sweetheart has said on more than one occasion he’d rather come home to a peace-filled home than a sparkling home. 

I  made my list on a simple sheet of graph paper but to make it a little pretty I created a document to print out and hang up inside one of my kitchen cabinets. I’d love to share it with you. Click the button below to get your editable list to print and use too! 

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