Fall Fun: Candy Corn Counting

September 21, 2016

We’re using candy corn this morning to practice numeracy! Nothing motivates us quite like one of our favorite Fall treats! To keep this activity developmentally appropriate for my 3 year old we only used numbers up to 5, however, it could easily be adapted for older learners by adding additional numbers to the count.

To begin we identified the written numbers on the chart. Touching them as we said their names. (Touch is so important as we develop one-to-one correspondence, a key early childhood skill.)

Then in the margin of the chart I would set out varying numbers of candy corn. Each time she would count to see how many I set out, identify that number in the chart, and then add the candy corns to match up within the outlines in the chart. We continued doing that until I had set out each amount 1-5 and her chart was full. 

We couldn’t play with candy corn and not eat so when we were done I asked her to pick a number 1-5 and she could have that many candy corns. Of course, my smart cookie picked five. haha!

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