Fall Fun: Pick a Circle Gather a Square

September 23, 2016

This morning we read a cute new Fall story. I found it at our local library and thought it was perfect for identifying less familiar shapes along with more familiar ones too. It’s called Pick a Circle, Gather Squares by Felicia Chernesky. The story tells about a family trip to a pumpkin farm. As the characters visit they identify shapes they find throughout the trip. (Rectangle doors, circle sun, diamond kite, etc.)

I created a shape sorting activity for MJ to use after we finished reading. She’s not quite proficient with her scissor skills (we’ll do some practice with that in the coming weeks) so, I pre-cut her shape images. Her job was to identify the shape it most closely resembled and glue it to the correct column. Before we began I reviewed the shapes above each column and practiced one-to-one correspondence by having her touch each shape as we called it’s name.

I want to work more on her critical thinking skills and her independence so I let her complete the sort all on her own first before giving any input. 

She did a great job and we only had to re-sort a few. It was great practice letting her work independently and set us up for a good teaching moment as well when we made a few corrections.  Check your local library for this cute story! I know you won’t be disappointed and feel free to use the full-color, free printable at the end of this post as a corresponding activity!

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