If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: Chocolate Chip Counting

September 26, 2016

In the very words of Cookie Monster C is for Coooookie! 🙂 MJ loved reading If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff. She gets so giggly when he starts getting carried away and makes all kinds of silly messes. Whether you’re up for the activity or not I’d be surprised if your little didn’t love just reading this story. It’s a classic and an instant favorite! 

After we read I set out 10 construction paper “cookies” (manila paper circles) labeled with numbers 1-10. Then I showed MJ a bowl of chocolate chips and told her we were going to add them to the cookies. 

Having all 10 cookies out at the same time can feel overwhelming. Developmentally it’s too much, so we stacked up the paper cookies and added chocolates one cookie at a time. Starting with one. 

After she identified the number and counted out the chocolates I’d set out the next cookie. 

She continued on until we got all the way up to 10. Then, of course she needed to sample the chocolate. 🙂 A well deserved reward for a great job! 

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