AppleTV to Teach

September 27, 2016

As long as I have been teaching I have always thought the more movement we can get into our learning the better. Sitting together at the table is good but it can’t be the only place we learn. We’ll go outside, move to the den, take “field trips” (grocery store, bank, post office, i.e. running errands with mommy.) Here’s an idea to get you up from the table and give you an option to add a little didactically educational media to your little’s day. 

Put your AppleTV to good use! (All these ideas can be done with an iPad too.) To support an idea or concept we’re working on I’ll occasionally use our AppleTV to look up educational videos on YouTube. In addition, during that challenging hour before my ball-capped sweetheart gets home or when I’m fixing dinner these are great alternatives to Curious George. (No shame to my fellow the George lovers out there- we’re faithful watchers too.) Here are a few of our favorites YouTube Channels: 

Color Crew

Sesame Street (we especially love the counting songs)

Busy Beavers

Polka Dot Tots

Super Simple Songs

The Beginners Bible

There’s no question (most) little people are drawn to watching TV. Why not harness that desire for their good? Do you follow or subscribe to any good, educational YouTube channels? Please share! I’m always on the hunt for new material! 


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