If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: Sequence Play

September 28, 2016

This morning we played with sequencing. Developmentally a 3 year old should only be expected to sequence 1-2 events in a story. This was her first experience with the idea of sequencing so we did most of this activity together. To begin I looked around the house to find objects from the story (kid-safe scissors, pretend milk carton, cookie, straw, napkin, etc.) You don’t need every object the mouse interacts with in the story- just a few. Use what you can find and don’t stress over having a lot. The big idea today is just getting exposure to the idea that events in stories have an order. (“This happened first and then that.”)

I used a sentence strip and sectioned off the same amount of spaces as objects that I collected. This could very easily be done with a piece of paper too. Visually it will help your little if the sections are stretched out horizontally. Next, I set out the objects we’d read about in the story and explained that we were going to look/listen for them as we read. 

Then, I began to read. When she recognized an object MJ would grab it from the table and set it in the next section as we progressed through the story.

Of course the story ends with the mouse eating a cookie so my little mouse got to enjoy one too !

Today we practiced the following skills: Concepts of Print, Sequencing

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