Goals for Our Learning

October 4, 2016

To get anywhere we have to know where we are going. When we read and play each day it’s with a purpose. Before we began in September I looked through our state standards and gathered information on what the department of education expects preschoolers to know. From there I created a set of goals for us to work toward. By the end of this school year we are working toward getting MJ proficient in most of these goals. If she can be proficient in all of them that would be great too, but a big part of my philosophy is no pressure. We learn through play and understand everyone learns at their own rate.

If your child is younger than 3 but interested in learning activities you could strive for him/her to meet some of these goals. If your child is older than 3, aim to meet these goals or reach for ones even further. You can always connect with me through the contact page or on the “conversations” page to talk more about finding and setting specific goals for your little! I’d be happy to help!

Click the button below to download the goals we’ve set for our 3 year old preschool play! 

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