Harry the Dirty Dog: How Many Spots?

October 5, 2016

We’re majorly under the weather at our house. With upper respiratory infection, ear infections, and amoxicillin galore today’s activity was perfect for my only little one still standing strong. Play-doh (with supervision) is a godsend! MJ loved our learning activity and then played with play-doh contentedly for another 30 minutes! woo hoo! Just long enough to soothe my other two little sicklies.  

For this activity you will need: Play-doh, “How Many Spots?” printable (scroll down for download), and sheet protector or plastic sleeve. 

To begin our activity I started by having MJ identify numbers she recognized. Then I went through the numbers with her starting at 1 and counting up through 5. I would say the number and point to it and then I’d have her say the number and point to it. Having her point and repeat is important though it may seem redundant.  Next, I told her we were going to add play-doh spots to our doggies. So we rolled lots of little balls of play doh to become our “spots.”

Next, I would say a number (1-5) and have her identify it. Then, she would put that many spots on that specific dog. 

This activity is not an independent activity for 3 year olds. It will definitely be a sitting down together type activity. Don’t get discouraged if your littles don’t recognize numbers or their values yet. It’s ok, we’re giving them good exposure today and with practice these ideas will begin to connect. Click the button below to get your FREE printable play-doh playmate! 

Skills we practiced today are: Literacy (reading the story) Numeracy (identifying numbers, recognizing numbers have value) Fine motor (play-doh play)

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