Harry the Dirty Dog: Shaving Cream Fun

October 6, 2016

It’s Thursday so by today we have read this story at a minimum of 4-5 times. Instead of reading it to her again today we practiced reading the pictures. This pre-reading skill is when your little looks at the pictures of a story and tells the story according to what she/he sees. She did an awesome job retelling the story and even used details like the dog’s name, and remembering the excited cheers of the children at the end of the story. To celebrate we played in shaving cream! 

Shaving cream play is another one of those activities that can be really super fun so long as there’s supervision. It can also get out of hand pretty quickly too! Thankfully it cleans up easily! To start I had MJ smear the shaving cream over as much of the table as she (reasonably) wanted. 

Then we did a little prewriting practice. First, I modeled and then she practiced the following:

  • straight lines (horizontal & vertical)
  • slanted lines
  • squiggles 
  • loop-de-loops

Squiggles (waves going up and down) and loop-de-loops (a string of cursive e’s) took a little extra modeling practice but then she was off and drawing them all over! 

After that we played a little review game. I wrote the letters we’ve worked on and had her wipe them away as I called them out in a random order. We did the same thing to review shapes as well. She loved it and then she wanted to build “snowmen” with the shaving cream! haha! I figured we’d done enough learning play and it was time for creative freedom. She got shaving cream everywhere but with a wipe or two of a dishcloth it was all cleaned up! 

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