The Little Engine That Could: Pattern Puzzle

October 11, 2016

This morning I wrote out the letters to MJ’s name on the left over squares from yesterday. I thought we might reuse them to get a little more pattern practice. I started out by being pretty hands off. I wanted to see what she would do on her own. I showed her her name on a sentence strip and explained that all the train pieces would go together in a pattern to make her name. I let MJ play while little man slept and I got Sadie bug down for her morning nap. 

This is what I came back to. 🙂 Sort of a pattern and the letters are generally in order but not really. To help her out I got the pointing stick out. (I found this one at the Target Dollar Spot- but you could easily make one of your own with a little creativity and a dowel rod or even a kabob stick with the sharp end removed.) She used the pointing stick to point to each letter as she spelled her name. 

Starting by pointing to “M” and finding the letter “M,” moving the pointing stick to “a” and finding to the letter “a”…. and so on. 

The pointing stick turned out to be the perfect support tool and she spelled her name entirely by herself! 

Skills we practiced today: problem solving, letter recognition, name recognition, patterning

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