Little Engine That Could: Train Painting

October 12, 2016

All you’ll need today is: cardstock, scissors, paint, and a toy train car.

On one sheet of card stock I drew out the letter E using a ruler and wasn’t overly concerned with it being perfectly formed. Then, I cut out the “E” out making a quick, simple stencil.  In this activity we’re working on letter recognition more than formation so don’t get hung up on making a perfect stencil. Then I laid the stencil over the other sheet of paper and used a little washi tape to hold down spots that wanted to pop up. 

Pro-tip: Mix your washable paint with one part paint and one part dish liquid. This makes the washable paint even more washable! (And all the mama’s rejoiced!) 

Next, I had MJ dip the train into the paint and told her to use it like a paint brush. She moved the train car back and forth and quickly realized a train car doesn’t cover with paint as quickly as a paint brush. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

It took a little longer than her normal painting projects but it kept her entertained as well. I encouraged her to try and fill in the entire letter so that kept her busy! When she was all done I peeled the stencil from painted page and revealed a really fun looking letter E! 

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