F is for Firefighters: Tactile Letter F

October 17, 2016

After we read our story, Curious George and the Firefighters, this morning I introduced our letter for this week to MJ. I cut up an Amazon Prime box we received over the weekend into an F shape. She held it as we identified the big line and two little lines that made up the letter. I explained that we were going to decorate the letter like fire in the story. As I set out our supplies it was a perfect time to talk about the properties of fire. It’s hot, dangerous, but can be helpful sometimes too. We talked about being safe if we see a fire or are around a fire also. I told her our letter F today would look like a fire but would be perfectly safe! 🙂 

Here’s all you’ll need: 

  • cardboard
  • liquid glue
  • tissue paper (construction or colored printer paper would suit just as well)
  • q-tips

I repurposed an old storage container lid to be a palette for her liquid glue and showed her how to use the q-tip like a paintbrush to smooth glue over the cardboard. 

Next, she would crumple up pieces of tissue paper (to give it a textured look/feel) and press them down onto the glued areas of the cardboard. 

This is another project that takes a little time, but is perfect for building stamina and attention span. About half way through she decided she wanted to take a break. Another beauty of doing preschool at home is that there’s no box to stay inside. She hoped down, played with the toy fire trucks I got out for this unit and not too long later she decided she wanted to come back and finish it.

If your little feels the same way don’t be discouraged. Especially on activities like these, give them the freedom to stop when they feel they’ve met their “ceiling” for the day. Pick it up again later or even the next day if you want. The big picture we’re working on in preschool is developing a life-long love for learning.

Skills We Worked on Today: fine motor, sensory, letter recognition, stamina, attention span

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