F is for Firefighter: Hot or Not Hot Sorting

October 19, 2016

We started out our activity identifying the pictures and talking about safety around the hot items. I reminded her that we never touch the iron or frying pan. “The fire on a candle and hot coffee in daddy’s mug can give you a boo-boo,” MJ quickly added as we looked through the pictures. 

Next, we tuned into those fine motor skills and added a little color to the pictures. This is where you can diverge from what we did to make this more of your own. I gave her freedom to color however she desired (i.e. everything was colored pink) but you could always use this a teaching moment work on realistic representations or teaching colors.

Next up, the cutting part of the activity! So far I’ve always done the precision-type cutting on these activities but since we started on scissor skills a few weeks ago I wanted to give her and opportunity to practice. She’s not quite ready to do all the cutting so this was just a tiny exercise. I cut the pictures so there were two in a strip and let her cut them in half. We practiced good scissor grip and keeping her wrist vertical. Again for those who have older preschoolers you could let them try to cut out all the pictures. Don’t get hung up on having the pictures cut out in a square shape. (Celebrate if they can cut out the image and you can still tell what the picture is! Cutting isn’t a small task!) 

Finally, it’s time sort! I used color as a visual cue to help her identify the columns since she is a non-reader. Older preschoolers may be able to identify the words hot and not hot. Even still, using color doesn’t hurt. (Red for Hot and blue for Not Hot)

Again, there’s something about that glue stick that gets her so excited! I really think she just feels so big getting to do the glue all by herself. 🙂 She did a great job sorting and did a whole lot more learning in this activity than just sorting too!  Scroll down to get your {FREE} printable sorting activity page!

Skills we Worked on Today: identification, hot/not hot, pencil grip, scissor grip, colors, cutting

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