Painting Pumpkins & Teal Pumpkins

October 27, 2016

Painting pumpkins was the perfect process art project for this week! Both girls loved getting to play and paint together! I love that Sadie bug got to join in too. She’s still a little young for this to be a process project for her but she still enjoyed it. (Just needed reminders to paint the pumpkin and NOT eat the paint!) Process art projects are projects without directions, a complete example, or right/wrong way. Process art projects are all completely unique and focus on the experience rather than a specific outcome. They are perfect activities for developing and encouraging creativity in your little. 

MJ had a palette of colors and had the best time decorating a “rainbow” pumpkin. We recently read the story of Noah and she’s all about rainbows these days! 🙂

Sadie, being a baby still, got a big, fun glob of teal (non-toxic) paint. When she wasn’t trying to eat it she did a great job covering her pumpkin. I gave her teal for a very specific purpose. These pumpkins are going on our front porch and Sadie’s will serve as a message to trick-or-treaters. Have you noticed teal pumpkins in your neighborhood? Teal pumpkins on a front porch are supposed to signify that the house has allergy friendly treats to offer children who may not be able to enjoy a candy. This year we have a big fun jar of play-doh to hand out! Below is a list of allergy friendly treats you may consider picking up for your neighborhood trick-or-treaters! 🙂 

Allergy Friendly Treats:

  • play-doh
  • crayons
  • party favors
  • bubbles
  • pencils
  • fun erasers

Happy Trick or Treating! 

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