Good Night Gorilla Positional Play

November 2, 2016

Preschoolers are busy developing their spacial awareness in a lot of activities they do. This activity specifically targets that skill along with serving as building block for the fundamentals of math. If this is your little’s first introduction to positional words you’ll definitely want to use a concrete object. I created a {FREE} printable page for you that works great along with a small animal toy or picture. The printable includes a set of cards with a couple positions the animal can be put in relation to the paper exhibit. 

After your “exhibit” is assembled you’ll want to give it an absolute location by using a piece of tape to hold it down. This gives the exhibit a specific place when your little is manipulating the positions for the animal to go in. If the paper box (exhibit) moves around it would be difficult for your little to determine places such as “in front” or “behind.”

MJ did  a great job moving her gorilla all around the area surrounding the exhibit. At first she needed a little modeling and practice but she caught on right away and mastered each positional word quickly. Next up will be right and left, but we won’t tackle those quite yet. 

Of course when we were all done she was sure to give the gorilla a kiss good night and put him in his exhibit. Good Night, Gorilla! 🙂 

Scroll down to get your {FREE} printable activity! 

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