Good Night Gorilla, Process Art

November 7, 2016

Process art might be the way to go when your little love is feeling low and sickly. Paint cheers up my sweet MJ every single time. (I’m fairly certain she gets it from me- haha!) Between grabbing tissues and drinking all the water we snuggled up on the cozy couch and read our story again. We talked about the Gorillas at our local Zoo and what they eat. Gorillas stick to a mainly vegetarian diet so we see lots of romaine, apples, etc. in the exhibit. Inspired by our conversation we decided to use food items as a stamp to paint! 

All you’ll need is a stalk or 2 of romaine lettuce chopped in half, washable paint, plates, and construction paper. 

MJ began by stamping her romaine into blue paint and making fun prints. Next, I had her use another chopped stalk of romaine but this time she stamped it in red paint. This was a true process piece because there was no specific outcome but I did want to introduce her to the ideas of color mixing. Red + Blue = Purple

She spotted a little purple in her painting but it wasn’t enough. 🙂 Smearing became a preferred method of paint transfer as it was the most efficient way to produce purple. I can’t fault her for being effective. 🙂 

There’s no need for fancy art supplies when you’ve got imagination and a little extra salad laying around. What other food items have you used to create art stamps? Potatoes, apples, and celery are a few others that make pretty prints too! Happy Creating! …and I hope your littles are staying healthier than mine! Here’s to hoping cold season is VERY short this year! 🙂 

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