Good Night Gorilla, Letter Tracing

November 11, 2016

Y’all the struggle is real around here! If we don’t get well soon I’m not sure we’ll leave our house again before Spring! Today we squeezed in a little learning play before scooting off to the Pediatrician for my littlest love. Really, I’m saying all this to encourage you- teaching your little at home doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Plug in a little time here and there and they’ll absorb more than you can imagine.

MJ has been making great progress this year and I’m excited to continue to see her learn and grow! This week marks the end of our first “quarter.” I have exciting news about a special Little School at Home resource coming soon but I’ll save that for later. Keep your eye out for an announcement on Instagram and follow us @littlesschoolathome

Ok, down to business- in step with keeping things simple today’s activity requires very little resources. I cut sheets of construction paper in half, wrote BIG letters A-G on them as a review and set them out on the table for MJ. We started by putting the letters in order as a review. 

Next, I letter her pick a letter one by one and trace them with zoo animal cookies. You wouldn’t believe how much more fun it is to trace when you use cookies! 🙂 

When we were done we had to indulge in a few of course! 🙂 I hope your heart is encouraged as you teach and invest in your littles. It is by far the very best investment you could possibly make!

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