The Little House, Paper Bag Play

November 14, 2016

Stuffed paper bag houses are simple to make and so much fun! All you need is a paper bag, plastic grocery bags, construction paper, glue, and a little imagination! Some parts of this activity need supervision while other parts it’s safe (and good) for your little to create independently. You know your child so you’ll know what’s good for him/her to do alone and what needs supervision. 🙂 

To begin your little will stuff his/her bag with 2-3 plastic grocery store bags. Fold the top over and staple the sides shut. 

Next, your little will begin to create her house. I showed MJ my example and gave simple directions to cut paper to make the bag look like The Little House. It’s important that you allow him/her to create on their own. It they are not ready to use scissors and glue independently you’ll want to keep close eye but let them decide what to create. The example is only a guide. 

It’s interesting to see how much your little adheres to the example versus how much he/she takes creative freedom. 

This was a perfect opportunity for me to clean up our breakfast dishes while she created on her own. She made an adorable house and if you caught my Instagram story this morning you saw she discovered a hexagon when she clipped the edges to her door. (follow me @littlesschoolathome)

Skills we practiced while we played today: fine motor, creativity, independence, scissors, literacy, following directions.

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