The Little House, Shape & Color Play

November 17, 2016

This morning we reviewed shapes and practiced fine motor skill all in one fun activity! I created this simple Shape & Color Play printable for us to use in correlation with our story this week. You’ll find similar activities to this in a typical school skill workbook. The important thing about these types of activities is making them meaningful.  

At MJ’s age (3, almost 4) she knows her shapes and colors but using that information as working knowledge is a little different. In this activity she isn’t just identifying shapes and colors she’s using the information she sees (the color key) and using it to complete an activity. This is the first time she’s done an activity like this so we did most of it together. We began by taking one shape/color at a time. She identified the pink triangle on the key and found a triangle in the picture. I traced the triangle in pink and she colored it in. We continued the same way throughout the activity. 

Another part of this activity is practicing her fine motor skills as she develops the ability to color within the lines. It takes a few reminders every now and then to help her remember to practice using precision but she did a great job. Keep in mind we’re just practicing and not looking for perfection. 

In step with what I posted yesterday I wanted to share this snapshot of my Sadie bug. She had a copy of the printable and undoubtably overheard us going over shapes and colors. Her page was beautifully scribbled on and her fine motor skills were equally as challenged. Not to mention she felt so big getting to do “mommy school” too! 

Note: I’ve updated the printable to reflect a further review of shapes and colors. Scroll down for your {FREE} Shape & Color Play printable! 

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