Wemberly’s Ice-Cream Star, Matching Spoons

November 30, 2016

Matching spoons is so much fun! I created a cute printable to use or if you’re in a pinch you could easily replicate this first part of the activity with real spoons. This first part was super simple for MJ and she had all the spoons matched up in record time. It’s good practice for her and would make a great challenge activity for younger learners. I laid out all the spoons facing up and she paired them according to matching colors and patterns.

Next we played a memory game with the spoons. This time I mixed up all the pairs and placed them face down on the table. She went through the cards two at a time turning them over looking for matches. The challenge with this activity isn’t the actual matching but the patience only turning over 2 at a time and remembering each spoon’s location to make matches. 

When we were done we re-read our story. Since this is such a short, simple book she already has the basic sequence memorized. (That’s not a goal- just a virtue of reading and rereading.) So she asked to read the story to me. She looked at the pictures, recalled what she knew about the story, and “read” it to me! This is a BIG skill for littles preparing to read. Reading the pictures IS reading! Encourage your little to read stories by reading the pictures- maybe see if they’ll read a story to you from time to time. Happy Matching! Be sure to scroll down to get your {FREE} printable activity! 

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