Getting Ready for Bed: A Sequencing Activity

January 9, 2017

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed by Eileen Christelow is our story of the week as we jump back into school at home with the letter J. J is for Jump. On Monday I introduce our letter and story of the week. We read the story, study the pictures, and talk about the characters. 

The story begins with the monkeys getting ready for bed. MJ looked through the pictures as we read and ordered the events according to how they happened in the story.

Before she glued them down to the paper she lined them up underneath. She put those fine motor skills to practice applying glue and attached each picture to the number order which it occurred. Scroll down to download your {FREE} printable activity page

Extension ideas: Older preschoolers can…

  • practice scissor skills by cutting on the lines of the printable,
  • introduce first, next, last concepts,
  • practice ordering other events in the story (falling, getting bandage, calling doctor, etc.)

Skills we practiced today:

  • concepts of print,
  • reading pictures,
  • sequencing, 
  • retelling events,
  • fine motor

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