Our Writing Journal

January 10, 2017

Today I introduced Macie Jane to her writing journal. Each week I’ll set aside time for her to begin writing skills. At this age we aren’t obviously interested in the baby steps to a doctoral thesis or even a paragraph. Writing skills find their very first foundation in drawings. I’ll give Macie Jane a prompt, ask her to draw something inspired by that prompt, and then transcribe her ideas into written words. 

Today’s Prompt: What do monkeys like to do?

The prompts I give will usually correspond with the text we are reading but if she really latches on to this idea, journaling could become a daily exercise. It all really depends on your and your little’s comfort level. Try to journal once a week but don’t stress if it’s something your little one resists. Keep expectations small. Focus on the fun creative side. Let them color and add the transcribing over time when he/she feels more confident in journaling. 

You’ll want a Primary Composition Notebook. It has a space for drawings at the top and handwriting lines at the bottom.

Reading and writing skills go hand in hand. Day by day our little learners are growing in their skills and abilities! You’ll be amazed with all the great ideas your little one dreams up as he/she becomes a little writer! Happy Journaling.



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