Asking How and Why Questions

January 13, 2017

Inquisitive is an adjective you could use to describe just about any toddler/preschooler. We all know times when the answer to every response is met with the dreaded, “why?” from your little one.  Today we redirected that energy in a constructive way as we practiced asking questions about our story as we read it. For now we are just focusing on “how” and “why” questions as it pertains to reading. 

Also, just about every preschooler loves sticky little papers. MJ is in love with sticky notes. Using them for learning had her engaged almost immediately! As we read the story we stopped at each page and I’d prompt her by saying. “How did….” and she’d finish the sentence. (ex. “How did…” “… they take their bath?”) The next page I’d start with “Why does…” and she’d complete the sentence with her own idea. You may be surprised to see what their curious little minds think up to ask. Then, before you know it your graphic organizer is over flowing with sticky notes and great ideas! 

After finishing reading the book, to wrap up the activity we went through the questions. One by one we would peel off a sticky, read the question, and I’d have MJ think about what the answer might be. This is great practice for critical thinking. It also supports thinking through whether or not she already knows the answer to a question she may ask. 

Looking further ahead, asking questions as she reads will ultimately support her ability to comprehend, analyze, and synthesize as she becomes a more critical reader in her educational career. My goal isn’t for the short term. My heart, and I imagine yours too, is to inspire a life long love for learning in your little ones! 🙂 I hope today’s activity inspires great ideas from the inquisitive little minds in your home too! 

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