Big or Little?

January 16, 2017

K is for koala- this week we are reading Everything by Emma Dodd. This story is just so sweet I couldn’t resist inviting Sadie to join in our fun! I know you’ll enjoy the precious story of a mama and baby koala and the sweet love they share too! Our activity for today is also perfect for young preschoolers too! Sorting items can be so much fun especially when you use tiny versions of things. To prepare I gathered a smaller and larger version of items around our house. Play kitchen foods, small utensils, stuffed animals, even shapes I cut from paper. 

Two sheets of construction paper and two index cards labeled “big” and “little” were used to create spaces for the items to be sorted on to. 

The girls had so much fun calling out “big!” or “little” as I would hold up items for them to identify. My younger daughter, Sadie who is 2, seemed to really enjoy feeling big herself playing with Macie Jane during our learning time!

We could extend this activity further by creating a relay type game where you would set the sheets of construction paper at one end of a hallway and the items on the other. Have your little race back and forth sorting the items according to their size correctly on the sheets of paper. A great way to get energy out on a gloomy, chilly Monday! 🙂 

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