Color Identification, Sort, and Relay Play!

January 23, 2017

The letter of the week is L and we’re reading the bright, colorful, super fun story Little Green Peas by Keith Baker! This book is perfect for including my 2 year old Sadie in the fun! She’s curious and creative just like her big sister. She loves to join in on the fun even if she’s not developmentally ready for the same preschool play MJ is doing. Today we read our story for the week together. I stopped on each page and had Sadie repeat the color along with me. MJ knows all her colors but this is the perfect time to introducing them to Sadie. When we started every color was “geen (green)” but by the end of the activity she added a few more colors to her vocabulary- “lellow” being my favorite. 

To prepare for our activity today I went to the kids’ toy baskets and found several small toys to match colors of construction paper. After reading the story I held up the construction paper and we practiced color identification.  Then I would hand each of the girls a toy and they would put it on the piece of construction paper it matched! I was so surprised to see Sadie really caught on and was able to match the toys to the correct color paper even if she wasn’t verbally identifying the colors yet! 

Next, it was time to get up and move. Getting energy out is very important in a house full of little ones! I set the same construction paper out on one end of the area rug in our den. The girls sat at the other end with a bowl full of the toys we just sorted. They grabbed one toy at a time and walked over to the corresponding colored paper to sort it then returned to the bowl to repeat. MJ loved getting to move and Sadie did great sorting again (although she did need some support- which is completely normal for a 2 year old.) 

To increase excitement and expend more energy I put 3 toys for each color in the bowl and had MJ run back and forth sorting the toys trying to beat a one minute timer I found on YouTube. This was the biggest hit with her today! She giggled and had the best time competing against herself to get a better time! 

Today we practiced:

  • team work
  • color identification
  • sorting
  • literacy 
  • concepts of print

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