Green Peas Sensory Letter Hunt

January 25, 2017

Split green peas never looked so adorable! This morning I reviewed the entire alphabet with Macie Jane. Even though our weeks are themed by letters and stories we try to review all the letters several times a week. Sometimes I use flash cards, sometimes I draw them on a chalkboard, and then days like today we do super-fun, sensory activities to review them. All you  need is:

  • a small bin (like a plastic shoebox),
  • dried split peas,
  • magnetic letters,
  • and the alphabet written out on a sheet of paper. 

Before she started hunting through the peas for letters we began by identifying the letters I had written out. I had her touch each letter and say it’s name in order going left to right. Then I modeled for her how to start again at the left of the next row. (This is a big concept for preschoolers.)

After going through the whole alphabet she got to dig in!  She would find a letter, name it, and find the matching letter on the sheet of paper. [This is a big task for younger preschoolers- if your little is an early 3 consider doing just a few letters instead of the whole alphabet.] It took a little encouragement but she was mostly successful in identifying and placing all the letters.  Split peas did cover our kitchen table when we were done but seeing that sweet smile having the best time practicing her letters was more than worth it! So thankful for my handy vacuum! 🙂 

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