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July 20, 2017

Preschool at home with my girls was one of the biggest delights last year. We made so many sweet memories at home learning together. The teacher soul within me would sing seeing Macie Jane’s excitement for learning and Sadie Grace’s sweet smile as she connected the dots on what we were doing together. However, last Spring our family went through a lot of transition with my husband’s job.  We spent many hours evaluating and reevaluating why we do what we do. We spent time praying together and asking Jesus to show us what He desires for our family. For me, at that time, it was clear I needed to pull away from producing content for my website and promoting our social media. The Lord knit our family so close together through that time and with my whole heart I can’t sing His praises enough. It’s through the difficult things that we see Him all the more clear. 

As the Summer arrived and life moved into a more smooth, slower pace we settled into our new normal. Macie Jane and Sadie have the best time now that Sadie’s 2 year old vocabulary expands exponentially day by day. I’m not sure the talking will ever stop. (haha! ) Rutledge celebrated his first birthday in June and currently he is contemplating the great wide world of walking. We spend most afternoons splashing in the pool and a few times each week MJ asks if we can do “mommy school.” There’s no denying that girl loves to learn. Sadie surprises me with what she recalls, but 2 year olds do that. Just when you think they’re not paying one ounce of attention to you, they surprise you by reciting their entire memory verse. 🙂 For me, creativity crept in and enthusiasm for the new school year began to bloom as July began. The liked the idea of 2 week units. In preparation for kindergarten I wanted to include a little more content while maintaining flexibility. I’m excited to share our plans for the upcoming year. Literacy is at the core of the curriculum like last year and additionally we’ll explore sight words, new math skills, and some ELA. Scroll down to download the {FREE} scope and sequence for the new year! 

All materials this year will be available 2 weeks before the unit begins. Join us for all of them, join us for some of them- either way we’d love to have you explore together with us! The first unit will be available for {FREE} the first week of August. I’m also exploring the option of sending out hardcopies of each unit along with a packaged set of all additional materials needed for a small price if there’s any interest. 

I’ve missed this sweet community of families learning together and I’m excited to be back together with y’all again! Enjoy the sweetness of Summer with your little ones and I look forward to sharing all kinds of preschool fun with you soon! 

with love,


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    Caroline Marcy
    July 20, 2017 at 11:20 pm

    This is amazing, Carla!! What a gift and blessing! This is a huge weight off of me. I have been wondering what to for the little girls, and this is an answer to prayer! The added fun is our girls will be learning together!! Bless you, friend!

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      Carla Snipes
      July 24, 2017 at 12:21 am

      Caroline, it makes my heart SO happy to hear I can bless y’all this way! I especially can’t wait to share more with you now! love you!

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