The Most Important Thing

August 1, 2017

The most important part of my little learner’s day is our Bible story time and truth is, it’s not just “part of” but really how we live our whole day. We talk about Jesus throughout the day each day, we pray, listen to Bible stories, watch JellyTelly, etc 🙂 Today I wanted to share our plans for incorporating scripture throughout the school year. 

Each week we’ll have a Bible Memory verse. The verses correlate with the letter of the week and come from an adorable book called, My ABC Bible Verses by Susan Hunt. Since we’re doing the letters out of order the verses and stories will be read out of order but the book still suits just as well. This precious books gives little “case study” stories that illustrate the concept taught through the scripture verse. I plan to read the story to Macie Jane and Sadie toward the beginning of the week and have them practice their verse each day. Maybe Fridays can be surcie day. If they remember their verse we’ll do a little something special- emphasis on the little 🙂

I created memory verse cards inspired by a homeschooling mama who does something similar. The cards simply have the letter of the week and the verse on them. On the back of the card I’ll have the girls draw/color a picture from their imaginations based off the story we read in My ABC Bible Verses. The story and cards help reinforce application of scripture for my little girls. I’ll probably laminate them, hole punch them, and clip them onto a binder ring. Here are a few practical ideas you can do with the verses as you collect them:

  • Use them as conversation starters at the dinner table
  • Use them to show Daddy/Grandma what their learning in school
  • Use them for your little learner to flip through at bedtime before falling asleep
  • Decorate your home with them
  • Use them in training up your little learner (“What does God’s Word say about obedience? Let’s look at your verse from Colossians 3….)
  • Use them to entertain your little learner in Sunday services/car rides/restaurants

*Side Note: this would make an excellent school keepsake item.

Additionally, each day we’ll read from one of our Bible Storybooks. This isn’t so much a lesson as it is life. Just like quiet time for me is a priority, having time set apart to read to the children about Jesus is equally important. Some days we’ll pile on the couch and cuddle and read, some days I’ll read while we wait for lunch to finish in the oven, and some days we’ll squeeze it in before bed. …And you know what, some days I’ll miss. I’ll forget, get busy/sick/overwhelmed, etc. The same will probably happen to you- that’s life and it’s ok. Just pick right back up and keep on keeping on. The important thing to remember isn’t that we’re called to be perfect but that we’re called to be faithful. So you didn’t read to them from the Bible at all last week- don’t get down about it, just grab their favorite storybook Bible and start up again today. When you live out and teach your littles from the scriptures the rest will fall into place. If you you use nothing from our Little Learn units except the verse cards I know your heart will be encouraged. Scroll down to download the first two verse cards as a preview! 

May the Lord bless your little learners as they come to know Him! 

with love,


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