Let’s Get Ready for the New Year with a Check In

August 17, 2017

Is there anything worse than finishing something and then wondering if you’ve accomplished anything in the process?! Before we begin our preschool at home this year we want to get an accurate picture of where our littles are at. This will help inform your choice of lessons and activities. It is always so eye opening to see what your little one is capable of and how much he/she understands. I call them “Check-Ins” because we’re checking in on where our little ones are at in their progress. We will “check-in” three times throughout the year. Our first check-in is now before our school year begins. We will do a second check-in at the mid point of the year and then a final check-in in May. This always gets me so excited thinking about seeing all the progress our littles are going to make! 

Not sure how to do a Check-In? Don’t worry I’ll explain it all. 🙂 First, you’ll need to start by downloading my complete Check-In set (it’s a steal for only $5!) You’ll get the record form, color, shape, letter, and number assessment cards. As a bonus the assessment cards are reusable for future check ins and also make great tools for learning too. You could easily laminate them and use them for all kinds of activities and fun! They’re bright, colorful, and engaging! 

After you’ve downloaded, printed, and cut out your Check-In set you’ll collect all the materials and sit together with your daughter/son individually with as minimal (ideally no) distraction- maybe during the baby’s nap, when the toddler is busy with toys or having a snack, etc. You’ll keep the recording sheet in front of you and show your little the assessment cards one by one. This will keep ideas isolated from one another and will help prevent overwhelming your child. If at any section you notice your little one is particularly restless, stop and end that section. Make note that you ended early. (The technical term for this is “hitting the frustration ceiling”- and there’s nothing wrong with stopping a section because your little one is feeling frustrated/overwhelmed- all the more room for growth!) **For younger preschoolers you may want to only do part of the Check In. I’d suggest starting with just colors, shapes, and reciting the alphabet. Draw a line through any section you don’t use to help you remember you opted out of that for this Check In. Then add those sections on at our next Check In. 🙂 

Each section has a brief explanation for what you’ll do and what you’re asking your child to do. You want an accurate check in on where they are at so try to resist coaching them or hinting. Only record what they independently communicate to you- even if it’s nothing. Keep in mind this is our starting place. It’s ok, no, actually it’s great, if they have areas to grow in. (Don’t we all?!) 

When you’re done keep the record sheet somewhere safe to reference later in the year as we progress. I like to keep all my check in supplies together in one folder for easy access throughout the year. It helps to have everything stored all together too.

I hope this was helpful and if you ever have questions or need support always feel free to contact me! Happy Checking In! Click the button to find the Check In set in my shop! 

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