Things We LOVE: Ok to Wake Clock

August 29, 2017

Let me start by saying this is NOT an ad. I don’t profit by sharing this information. I’m just a mom who wants to look out for all the other mamas out there.

In addition to preschool fun, I thought I’d share a short series on things we LOVE! These are just small things we use or do to make life easier and run more smoothly around our home. 🙂 The first thing I’m sharing about is our OK to Wake Clock.

Part of making our mornings smooth, particularly with a baby in the house, is starting our day at a reasonable hour. We all go through that awful phase when our toddler decides they want to wake up at an ungodly hour to begin their day- every single day- usually the same time as the baby begins teething. It’s just tough and coffee, no matter how strong, doesn’t seem to cut it. We bought our clock from Target after reading lots of reviews and spending many, many mornings trying to keep our girls in bed until at least the sun came up. It’s not a quick fix and it requires training BUT once your little love connects the light with wake time I’m telling you life is SO good! 🙂 

The rule in our home is that the little girls (who share a room) are allowed to wake up whenever they desire but they must stay quietly in their room. Of course, they can go potty if they need to but then they return to their room where they can read books or play on their beds. Most of the time they wake up relatively close to 7 and if they wake up super early they’ll fall back asleep. 

It’s good for little ones to have boundaries and this boundary is nice because you can let the clock set it. (i.e. the clock is the bad guy-  as in, “oh, I’m sorry Sadie, the bug isn’t green so you can’t come out of the room yet”) It’s also good for mama to have a few quiet minutes in the house before the day begins. Here’s a link to the clock if you want to read up on it a little more. We definitely recommend getting an adapter to plug it in rather than using batteries but other than that it’s been a perfect tool! 

 Here’s to hoping we all get to sleep to a reasonable hour more often than not. 🙂 

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