Our First Day!

September 4, 2017

We began our day with celebratory donuts. After getting dressed, brushing teeth, and making our beds we were ready to start the day! I set up a little calendar and pocket area in our playroom to begin the day. My thought was if  little (14 mo) Rutledge could walk around and play while the girls listen and learn we could get a lot done. As it turned out he just wanted to be part of the fun. 🙂 We picked up and put back flashcards lots of times but all in all I think we covered exactly what we needed to. I just did the basics with them.  

  • read the month and the day of the week
  • added a calendar cover for the day
  • introduced our letter and it’s sound
  • introduced our shape and color of the week
  • sang a song about the letter sound
  •  read our story from the book My ABC Bible Verses.

For littler little learners I wouldn’t be concerned about doing a calendar quite yet. You could hang one and count the days but I wouldn’t get hung up on months of the year/days of the week until closer to Pre-K4. Sadie follows along for exposure and if she grasps the ideas, great! But if not it’s not concerning.

After reading our story in the My ABC Bible Verse book the girls drew pictures of obeying on the back of their Bible verse cards. I’ll laminate them and hole punch a corner for these to go on a ring. We’ll do more with these as the year progresses. Stay tuned. 🙂  [Also they make the sweetest keepsake]

After finishing the Bible verse cards Rutledge went down for his morning nap. The girl came with me downstairs to the kitchen table. Moving from place to place helps keep my antsy girls engaged and interested. 

As they got to the table they discovered their new journals were labeled with their names. How exciting for little ones to feel ownership and responsibility! They both drew pictures in the blank section about their first day of preschool. When they were finished I asked them to dictate their picture for me to record. 

Next, our hands on activity today was making a carrot letter C. We have several glue sticks but to enrich this activity I chose to just use one. This required the girls to practice cooperative skills, sharing, and kindness. Some days I’ll give them each a glue stick (maybe when my patience and energy are in less abundance) and other days we’ll use the one glue stick method to give a time and place to practice the kindness and consideration we’re trying to teach the girls. 

After that my Sadie but was done for the day! She got to hop down from the table and play with toys or books in the den. Macie Jane finished up her morning with a little handwriting practice and then she was done for now too! 

We finished our last preschool activity  after lunch. Once Sadie and Rutledge were down to nap Macie Jane and I worked on her sight word activity. I was the most leery of this activity but I think it might have been one of her favorites. She loved the idea that she could read a word! I’m so proud of my BIG girls and all they will learn this year! 

I hope this encourages you and gets you excited for your first days too! Happy New Year! 

with love,


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