Fingerprints and Shapes

September 5, 2017

Today’s activities had both girls engaged and learning(…even if one woke up with a runny nose from allergies.. is it that time of year already?! …poor babe) We started our day again with the calendar, reviewing our letter/shape/number of the week, we reviewed our memory verse, and read our Bible story. We started the Jesus Storybook Bible again this morning. Sadie wasn’t feeling up to journal today but Macie Jane did. I’ve decide to have them journal about our Bible story each day and occasionally change it up with a prompt.

After reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carla we did our first Hands-On activity, a fingerprint hungry caterpillar. I helped the girls stamp out enough caterpillar segments for each of the girls so they could spell their name under it. There’s something about putting your fingers in the paint that makes littles so happy! Both girls couldn’t wait to make their caterpillar. 

Our math activity today was inspired by our unit focus- geometry. This is a perfect activity for both big littles and little littles. It involves sorting, shape identification, and fine motor skills. It’s a great cooperative activity too if you have more than one preschooler- perfect for practicing teamwork and accomplishing a common goal. 🙂 

I hope your preschool days are off to a great start! If you have questions or if I can help with something always feel free to email me. hello@alittlelearner.com 

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