Washing Fruits and Veggies

September 6, 2017

Our unit theme this food so today we read the perfect food book, Go, Go Grapes by April Pulley Sayre. It’s  bright, colorful, and fun! We even learned about a few fruits we didn’t know about before. 🙂 

As a hands on activity I gathered up washable fruits and veggies, filled a big bowl full of soapy water, and a few towels. We talked about where fruits and vegetables come from. My sweet husband grows a vegetable garden every Spring/Summer so the girls were already familiar with veggies being a little dirty when we pick them. We talked about washing fruits and veggies from the grocery store too. Then, they happily worked together splashing and sloshing the water to wash the food. 

Once everything was clean and dry we sliced up a clean apple to eat for snack! Most kids LOVE water. Giving them the opportunity to help while playing in water is a great invitation to play! 

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