Symmetry and Science

September 8, 2017

Well, after today’s activity I’ve learned it’ll take a little time before my sweet girl understands symmetry BUT it was great exposure to the idea and I think another symmetry experience or two and she’ll get it. 🙂 As with any activity we do this year always understand your little may or may not completely grasp a concept on his/her first exposure. That’s ok and totally normal. Most of us grown ups don’t get things the first time we do them either. I’ll be on the look out for symmetrical items around the house and as we’re out and about and I’ll point them out to MJ when we see them. 

[see our Instagram stories for step by step pictures/video of this activity- @little.learner]

Next up this afternoon was our carrot science activity. We started by exploring the baby carrots. Macie Jane and Sadie looked at them, touched them, squeezed them, tried to break them, and finally tasted them. Then we got all our other materials ready: a sauce pan and water. 

Together we filled the sauce pan with water and added the carrots. We have a cook top so I had Macie Jane notice how the eye was black before I turned it on and then turned red when we began to cook the carrots. We talked about the red meaning VERY hot and to never, never touch- a great opportunity to talk about kitchen safety. 🙂 I also had her notice the water was still and not moving.

After several minutes we came back to observe the carrots in the pot. Now there were tiny bubbles moving around and steam coming from the top. 

After removing the carrots from the pot and letting them cool for a minute I had the girls go through the same explorations we did at the beginning (look at, touch, squeeze, try to break, and taste.) Then I had Macie Jane dictate what we did and add an illustration to her Science Experiment write up. 

It’s been a full day of fun and now we’re looking forward to a sweet weekend of family time and praying for all those in the path of hurricane Irma! 

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