Practicing Patterns

September 19, 2017

Patterns can be tricky for little ones. Today’s introduction to patterns is abstract and can be difficult for some learners while easy for others. It’s helpful to try a variety of different methods for teaching in all subject areas- especially math. Here are a few of the ways we practiced patterning today! 


Our first method we’re trying is clapping. I sat together with the girls on the floor clapped out different patterns. We’d do something like hand clap, pat my legs, hand clap, pat my legs, etc. I’d have them follow my lead. Then I’d ask them to watch and show me what comes next. Pat, clap, pat, clap…. and they would follow by patting their legs. We added other patterns with things like patting the floor, clapping above our heads, etc. 


Another great way to teach patterns in a more concrete way is to use blogs. Legos, mega blocks, wooden blocks, whatever you have will work. I began by stacking the blocks making a simple AB pattern. The girls liked seeing how tall we could make it …until we ran out of blocks. 🙂 


This one was hands down Macie Jane’s favorite. That sweet girl loves beads! She was over the moon when I pulled them out! 🙂 I had her add beads to a pipe cleaner to make an AB pattern. Admittedly, she enjoyed creating her own design more but she did great practicing AB patterns first and then went on to make her own creation. 🙂 

Dot Page

This was Sadie’s favorite. We used a left over dot page from a former week and I sat beside her going back and forth between different dot markers to create the AB pattern. Sadie is 2 and my expectations for her are minimal. I want her to be involved because she wants to be a part but realistically most 2 year olds will not conceptualize the idea of patterning- but some do, so yay if it clicks for your little! 🙂

Again, patterns can be tricky. Don’t let your little feel discouraged if it didn’t click today. I have lots more fun plans for us this week and next. Stay tuned!  

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