Rhyme Time

January 18, 2018

Rhyming skills help to build a good foundation for reading so we’ve been reading lots of rhyming stories and doing rhyming activities. In our Penguin unit we took our rhyming practice one step further. We used the image cards from an initial sound activity and paired them with this Rhyme Time activity. 

To begin I set the image cards on the table. We identify each one together so I am sure she knows what word I’m looking for her to know.

Then, I’ll read the pretend word and real word. I’ll pause and wait for her to add the rhyming word using the pictures to guide her response. Once she feels more comfortable we moved on to using other image cards to practice rhymes without the Rhyme Time activity page. For fun every now and then I’ll call out some rhyming words and see if she can add one. Maybe while I’m fixing lunch I’ll say “at, mat…” and wait to see if she can finish it with another -at rhyming word. Sometimes you do’t even have to prepare for an activity just little tiny bits of practice throughout the day to slowly develop those foundational skills. 🙂 

Our previous 3 units (Fall, Christmas, and habitats have additional rhyme activities if you’re looking for more! Click the button below to find them! 

Unit Eight: Penguins

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