Our FAVORITE Garden Books

March 22, 2019

Books bring our activities to life!  From the cute characters to the fun facts the books we plan to read as we do the Growing Garden calendar are so much fun! Are you looking for some book inspiration? Here are a handful of books you’ll want to put on hold at the library ASAP! 

Eric Carla never disappoints and this sweet story is no exception. The book begins with a seed and tells how a seed travels over land and over seasons. It’s tell-tale Carle illustrations are just as lovely as ever! 

Gail Gibbons books are my most favorite informational texts for small children. The pictures alone give so much information and as you read she makes topics accessible for growing minds! I love this book because it covers everything from the plant life cycle to pollination, garden tending, and more! 

This picture book is a perfect character education add on for the Growing Garden calendar. While it doesn’t talk a lot about gardening it centers around a gardening favorite, carrots. Rabbit plants and collects too many carrots and through a series of mishaps he discovers the best way to take care of his carrot problem is to share! A sweet story with a great message! 

This book is perfect for little ones who love hearing a good story and detailed illustrations. It tells the story of everything happening both over and under a garden! From bugs to buds! 

Miss Rumphius has been a personal favorite for years and years! This is a precious story of a little girl who becomes an adventurous world traveler and then discover her mission to make the world a more beautiful place! This is another one with intricate, detailed illustrations. Both parents and children will enjoy this book.

Wordless books are an imagination sparking treasure! This one is sure to bring out all kinds of ideas! From page to page you’ll travel through the alphabet. I like to guide my littles through the story, saying the letter, and seeing if they can identify the image that matches that letter. For example the first page has an apple hanging on a branch as an ant stands above. The children can say either ant or apple to go with the letter A and they’re both correct. 

This book is perfect for your little one discovering colors and produce! They will love this rainy day adventure through Grandpa’s garden. After digging up and clipping veggies from the garden they children work together to make the most yummy veggie lunch! I also love that this story has a great recipe at the end! 

“Curious Garden is a magical story about a boy’s dream and how the efforts of one small person can help change the world.” I love the playful illustrations and great message of this story!  Wouldn’t it be amazing if the world really was as green as it is in this book?!

This book would pair perfectly with the Zip Bag Greenhouse activity in the Growing Garden Learn + PLAY  calendar. It’s almost like a child’s journal as she discovers her seed transforming to a plant and then the treasure she discovers on it’s branches! Anne Rockwell is a beloved informational picture book writer and this is definitely another of our favorites of hers! 

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