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May Morning Basket

May 13, 2019

This month we are #weatherschooling so our morning basket is Wild Weather themed! From fine motor activities, sorting activities, our hymn of the month, a traceable calendar, and so much more you can see why mornings are our favorite! 

I like to think our morning basket is fairly minimalistic. Here’s what I typically include:

  • A storybook Bible
  • Hymn of the month from @happyhymnody
  • Mini Chalkboard
  • Crayons and Do-A-Dot markers
  • Traceable Calendar
  • Picture books
  • Learn + PLAY calendar activities

These lacing shapes are a big favorite for my littles. I printed them on heavy card stock and hole punched the circles. These are perfect for independent play while working on those fine motor skills/hand-eye coordination. // You’ll find these in the Wild Weather Learn + PLAY calendar //

This is an idea I did with the girls when they were around Rutledge’s age. We would choose a color for the week. I’d give them a jar with only that color crayons and we would color different pages throughout the week. All those pages would have objects that are identified with the color we chose. Lots of repetition to aid learning. 

I like to keep fresh picture books or non fiction books in our morning basket. I rotate them daily/weekly. Even if they’re above reading level I really encourage them that reading the pictures IS reading! 🙂 

Our traceable calendar is our alternative to a large wall calendar. It’s small enough to fit in our morning basket, perfect for tracing while reinforcing days of the week/months of the year skills. When we gather for the family time part of morning basket we sing the days of the week song, identify what day it is and trace it on the calendar

Then we end our morning basket time with a Bible story and hymn. I have loved using @happyhymnody‘s framework for hymn study this year. We use a couple different Story Book Bibles. This one has been great for little, little ones. It covers a lot of Bible stories, it’s succinct for little attention spans, and ends with an age appropriate question to draw in little minds. 

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