June Morning Basket

June 3, 2019

Summer has arrived and were are ready for a sweet slow Summer full of FUN! If your littles are anything like mine they’re asking for a little more screen time now that school’s finished. I have nothing against screen time. In fact, this morning my cute crew spent a fair amount of time watching both Super Why and Bubble Guppies. I have no voice and am under the weather. Not a big deal. However, as my voice heals and we settle into our new Summer normal I want our days to be less inclined to screens and more inclined to playing together. Plenty of outside time, working on projects together and getting creative from baking in the kitchen to paints across the table. One way I want to spark their curiosity is with our Summer Morning Basket. This month I plan to change it out week to week adding something new. I’ll post each week with our additions and you’re welcome to join in the fun. Try some of them or all of them, or just store up the ideas for when it suits your family best. So, let’s take a look at what’s inside this week’s basket:

“Word before World” is a mindset I want to cultivate not just in my own heart but also in the hearts of my littles. Without long or unrealistic expectations, I want to set aside a few minutes every morning to either read a passage of scripture or Bible story. Thi s is also when we go through our hymn of the month from @HappyHymnody This month we are learning, “I Sing the Mighty Power of God” and if that isn’t a powerful way to start the day I don’t know what is! 🙂 

My big girl (6) started the Write the Word for Kids journal from Cultivate What Matters and has really enjoyed getting to do a little extra study. I have the adult version so it’s fun for her to be “like mama.”

As a step further and something extra special fun we are doing @kerilynnsnyder ‘s new resource, Heroes of the Bible! I LOVE that she created something so special and fun for both boys and girls to celebrate the great heroes of faith in scripture! Every week she has a new Bible character to study and provides ideas for hands on fun, crafts, snacks, sensory bins, etc. Since our regular Bible study and our small groups are out for Summer this will more than fill in the gap not to mention it will be a blast! 

Of course, you know we’ll be doing LOTS of Summer Together Learn + PLAY Calendar activities. For the Summer I plan to incorporate the activities in either morning basket or for in the afternoon between naps and dinner when my littles are less enthused about everything this is JUST the pep they need! 🙂 The calendar includes a balance of good quality time activities and activities your littles can do independently. 

Last but not least is what we’re using to practice writing through the Summer. I created a simple Summer Journal for my big girl by using packing tape to attach a label to the front of a composition notebook, writing a simple note to her on a page and gluing in a page just her size/at her level into the notebook. Most nights this Summer I will write her a short message that she can read and when she wakes up in the morning she can read it and respond by writing and coloring a picture in response to me. 

The message isn’t long and I ask just one simple question. I love the idea of creating a dialog with her while simultaneously teaching her how to write a letter and practice her writing skills without her even realizing it! 

I love this idea so much I made the journal label and journal pages available on my resource page for you to download and use with your little. You don’t even have to have a composition notebook! Print out the pages and staple them together to make a sweet and simple journal! You can find those printable here

There you have it, this week’s morning basket! Be sure to follow along with our fun on Instagram to see our morning basket as it changes throughout this month and through the Summer! 

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