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Getting to See Them Grow

June 25, 2019

A big part of why I enjoy teaching my littles here at home is that I get to see first hand so much growth! Sure, they’re getting taller everyday, talking more, and getting big enough to be able to (sort of) help around the house. But their little minds are growing leaps and bounds too! I love getting to see the proverbial light bulb go off! This year teaching Macie Jane how to read was a treasure. Seeing the letters and blends come alive, seeing her soar in her understanding and confidence was incredible! My preschooler, Sadie wanted in on the fun and it was so much fun learning letter sounds with her as she used the first book in the ABC Hear Do series. We had a ball exploring numbers and number patterns, counting dozens of sets of counting bears, or skipping as we skip counted to 100. I got to see my sweet littles falling in love with learning. A BIG part of what I do is because I am so passionate about making learning FUN! As a classroom teacher for several years and a reading interventionist as well I loved seeing that same spark in my students eyes- what a JOY to get to do the same with my own children!

In the classroom we did a good amount of assessments. Admittedly they were equal parts annoying as they were helpful. It’s good to see progress and when we started Kindergarten this year I thought through different ways I could chart progress. Our math curriculum used pre and post assessments, I had some tools from my reading intervention years to use to gauge MJ’s reading but for writing I wanted something different- something special. So, I came up with an idea and my sentimental heart was giddy from the beginning. The I Can Write My Name page was the perfect way to capture a snapshot of her writing skills without creating undue pressure. When we got to the final line in May I couldn’t believe what a treasure we created together. Even she was excited to see the difference a year had made. That’s a quick confidence builder too! I wanted to share this printable with you so I’ve made it available on my resource page

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