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How We Did Kindergarten Math

July 10, 2019

When we charted our course for math my mail goal was bigger than identifying numbers, quantities, shapes, problem solving, etc. It was important to me that kindergarten math was FUN! I wanted to prevent even the smallest hint of resentment typically associated with math. As a teacher I absolutely LOVED teaching this subject. It’s naturally so hands on and interactive at this level. Instead of taking a traditional route using a curriculum I tried to make our own way. I looked up state standards and figured I would create our own activities or search Pinterest. At first this was great but as time went on it became clear I really needed the support of a framework. 

We began using an Evan-Moor activity book. We counted and played games every day. As the year progressed I noticed she really enjoyed math but would do well to receive more directed instruction. She was ready for bigger concepts. I heard a lot of buzz around the Moffatt Girls’ Math Made Fun curriculum. It was so up my alley! Cute, fun, and engaging. Easily printed and prepped at home AND it’s super affordable too! We jumped in and I was amazed at how quickly my sweet girl grasped concepts and flew through the activities. I was so proud of her learning and so grateful for the curriculum. 

Math this year truly was fun! It was something she asked for each day- that’s saying something! She is competent to solve simple addition and subtraction problems, has great number sense, she subtilizes effortlessly! Honestly, my only regret is that we did not start Math Made Fun earlier. 

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