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Helping Your Littles Use Cultivate What Matters Write the Word for Kids

July 17, 2019

One of my favorite tools for teaching my littles what it looks like to spend time in God’s Word is the Write the Word for Kids journal from Cultivate What Matters! Today is their launch day for a whole new set of journals for both mamas and their littles too!

I started using a Write the Word journal back in 2017 and have loved it. It’s a wonderful resource especially for busy mamas who want to dig in consistently with realistic expectations. The journal can be used meaningfully whether the time you have to spend is short or long. I’m not sure if this happens in your house too, but every time I try to get up early specifically to spend longer quiet time my littles are up right with me. Thankfully these journals make it easy to dive in no matter what your “quiet time” looks like. You’ll find space to write out and consider thoughtfully, the scripture passage for each day. Along with the scripture they provide a perfect amount of space to record praises, thoughts or prayers too. 

Last year Cultivate What Matters launched it’s first Write the Word for Kids journal. I was thrilled to order it for my big girl when she was ready to use this type of tool. She loved getting be like mama with her big girl journal and I loved that she was learning BIG truths in her own special way. 

I can read the Storybook Bible to my littles everyday, we can memorize scriptures every week, but if what we live doesn’t match what we read it’s all in vain. What I love about the Write the Word for kids journal is that it’s a way she can directly experience what we model for the children as my husband and I make time in God’s word a daily priority. 

Since my big girl is a new reader and writer it takes a little extra effort to support her using the journal but it’s an investment well worth pouring into. Interested in using the Write the Word for Kids journal with your littles? Here are a few ideas to support them to make the most of his/her journal. 

Make the scriptures accessible. Cultivate What Matters came up with a brilliant and beautiful solution for helping littles find their way around the Bible. These bright colorful tabs make it easy to flip to passages and discover books of the Bible. Last year we didn’t have these tabs so instead I would use a sticky note to mark where she could find the passage. This was extra helpful because littles sometimes forget what they’re doing while their doing it and close the Bible in their excitement to copy! The sticky note saved time and helped her get back on track if she accidentally lost her place. 

Another idea is to highlight in their Bible the passage they will copy into their journal. For longer passages I would only highlight a small section. It’s important to remember it takes time for littles to build up stamina to maintain a quiet time. Instead of pushing and risking your little feeling overwhelmed trust that even small passages make a big impact. 

The journal includes a space to record the day. To make this easier consider writing out the day of the week for him/her to copy. We use the days of the week cards from our calendar pocket chart. 

You’ll also want to make sure your little has plenty of great coloring tools to make a masterpiece each day. We l-o-v-e that each day encourages littles to take time and worship through creativity! Colored pencils are perfect for this but there are no rules when it comes to creativity- we’ve been known to use washi tape, watercolors, and of course, the stickers that come with the journal too! Don’t let the temptation to keep his/her journal neat hinder your little from creating. This journal was meant to be used, written in, and loved! Let your little love it well! 

There are 3 different brand new journals perfect for mamas and now 2 different Write the Word for Kids journals available today over at Cultivate What Matters! Along with great resources like Bible tabs and a refresh on the original 5 Write the Word journals. Be sure to hop over and check them out! There’s no doubt this will sell quickly! Be sure to grab one while it’s still available! 

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    July 17, 2019 at 12:36 pm

    What an amazing post, Carla! We are so grateful for you. Your Colorful Bible Sticker Tabs look fabulous, by the way! Cheering you on in your faith journey with kiddos! -Julie from Cultivate What Matters

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