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August Morning Basket

August 8, 2019

One rhythm I’m really excited about getting back into is our Morning Basket. Over the Summer I caved to more screen than we typically allow and my cute crew didn’t mind one bit. We have nothing against screen time- it’s how I make dinner every day (haha!) However, I do know that our day runs more smoothly and gets off to a more peaceful start when we begin without the TV. The morning basket is the perfect solution for us. I fill it with a couple activities we do together and a handful for them to enjoy independently. I start by reading our Bible story or devotional for the day during breakfast and we sing our hymn of the month from @happyhymnody. Then as I clean up breakfast and get myself ready for the day they get to play with independent activities in the basket. I keep the basket stocked with special things we only use in the morning for this specific time. It makes the children anticipate it all the more and helps maintain it’s novelty. Want a peek inside? Here’s what I have it stocked with this month:

These are the resources we use primarily together. I read from the storybook Bible, we flip through the Repeat After Me affirmations, and sing the hymn, Holy God We Praise Thy Name. (The hymn printable is available for free from @happyhymnody)

https://amzn.to/2MOh3FpNext, in the basket I keep a couple art supplies- do a dot markers, construction paper, and markers. Window crayons are something new and have proven to be a fan favorite! I also cut out paper doll templates on heavy weight card stock for the girls to trace, cut out and color. They have LOVED making dolls! 

I grabbed these clear stamps and the stamp pad from the Target Dollar Spot a few weeks back. They are so much fun! My friend Natalie (@athomewithnatalie) recently shared the great idea to use stamps on play doh! The little girls have had so much fun stamping their names into play-doh blobs. 🙂 

Finally, I always try to include a couple preschool skills activities in our morning basket. Tracing cards, counting cubes, and play doh mats are the perfect for my littles to learn through play independently. This year I’m introducing Daily Pages for my preschooler. They’re short daily activity pages just the right size for preschool attention span. Last week I shared an all new set of Alphabet Daily Pages. For the month of August my blog readers can get the Alphabet Set for just $3 using the promo code: BLOG1

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